Sauville Chronicle
Volume 1, Issue 1 Freedom, Expression, Knowledge 19 December 2010

What is Gosick?
Creator of Gosick Wikia Site Speaks out on First Impressions

Bonsoir, messieurs et mesdemoiselles. (I hope I got my French right.)

This is herald_of_meridian, the creator of the and welcome to the unofficial Wikia site for the Gosick anime series, if ever you have missed the main page.

I picked up this anime series as a break from the usual genres I watch; as far as I remember, the only horror anime I have watched is Ghost Hunt and I don't think I can categorize Jigoku Shoujo as a horror anime. I got reeled in by its setting, and I'm also interested to check it out personally.

So, what really is Gosick?

Since all I know about Gosick is from the almighty Wikipedia, the promo video and several pages of the manga, I'm still lacking background about what Gosick is all about. Gotta be honest about that.

What Wikipedia tells is that this is a post-World War I anime situated in 1924, centered on a Japanese boy named Kazuya Kujo who studies in St. Marguerite Academy located in a town called Sauville. He later meets a bookworm named Victorique, a girl who has smoking tobacco in a pipe and reading all day as a hobby. She also appears to solve mysteries that even experienced detectives can't solve... and the boy-meets-girl turns into a detective story that would remind anyone of Sherlock Holmes.

Apparently, some people might mistake it for another Milky Holmes, but the manga reveals that its much more grittier, with a scene of a decapitated man on the very first chapter. Hope that sets things straight.

Originally, the upcoming anime series is a light novel series which launched author Kazuki Sakuraba into fame, and he also wrote the manga adaptation for Gosick. However, I have yet to check up on the works made by the crew for the anime project, which is to be animated by BONES. Director for the project Hitoshi Nanba's only notable work as director is Heroman, and the others are somewhat unknowns for me (sorry, I'm not really nitpicky for details like who makes who and stuff).

For those who want to know more about the story, you might want to check out on the light novels, which are licensed in the US by Tokyopop. The manga chapters are out there, you just have to look. But honestly, you should be checking out the first couple of episodes on January 2011 to make a better verdict.

I'll leave you with that for tonight, and I hope that Gosick would be part of your To-Watch List in the coming days.

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