Herald of meridian Herald of meridian 23 January 2011

Issue 02: First Days in Sauville

Sauville Chronicle
Volume 1, Issue 2
Freedom, Expression, Knowledge
23 January 2011

First Days in Sauville
Of Black Reapers, Young Detectives and Running Hares

They say that in Sauville, everything supernatural is all the rage.

Kazuya Kujo, a young Japanese boy who is admitted to Sauville's Saint Marguerite Academy, just found this out in his first day as a student. Although it was uncomfortable for him to be called the "Black Reaper" - of all names - Kazuya lives on with his new namesake, with the help of his teacher Cecile.

However, things go beyond the normal when he stumbles upon a girl sitting alone atop the school's vast library complex: a girl named Victorica (or Victorique, whichever you prefer). This boy-meets-girl incident sparks the sta…

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Herald of meridian Herald of meridian 19 December 2010

Sauville Chronicle: Issue 01, Gosick? What is it?

Sauville Chronicle
Volume 1, Issue 1
Freedom, Expression, Knowledge
19 December 2010

What is Gosick?
Creator of Gosick Wikia Site Speaks out on First Impressions

Bonsoir, messieurs et mesdemoiselles. (I hope I got my French right.)

This is herald_of_meridian, the creator of the and welcome to the unofficial Wikia site for the Gosick anime series, if ever you have missed the main page.

I picked up this anime series as a break from the usual genres I watch; as far as I remember, the only horror anime I have watched is Ghost Hunt and I don't think I can categorize Jigoku Shoujo as a horror anime. I got reeled in by its setting, and I'm also interested to check it out personally.

So, what really is Gosick?

Since all I know about Gosick is from the almighty W…

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