Undying Alchemist Leviathan
Gosick ep13 06m 44s
Date Started Winter of 1899
Date Ended 1924, first day of Autumn
Location Saint Marguerite Academy Clock Tower
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel Volume IV
Anime Episodes 13, 14 and 15
Manga Chapters 31 to 35
Involved Persons
Victims Ian Musgrave (in 1899)
Several outsiders (several years ago)
Kai Wong (in 1924)
Suspects Leviathan (deceased 25 years ago)
Previous Case Letters from the Underworld
Current Case Undying Alchemist Leviathan
Next Case The Weeping Maria's Face in the Sky
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The case of the Undying Alchemist Leviathan is the twelfth case featured in the Gosick anime series.

In separate events, both Kazuya and Victorique discover the mysterious tale of Leviathan, an alchemist who has earned a place alongside the many ghost stories of Sauville. As Kazuya and Avril Bradley sneak into the infamous lair of the alchemist, Victorique receives a challenge written by Leviathan himself, dated in the year 1899, twenty-five years into the past. And descovered the mystery of the lost gold as well eith the story of Leviathan,.

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