The Murder of Twenty Years Past
Date Started 1904, midnight
Date Ended 1924, probably between June 20 and 21 (summer solstice)
Location Kingdom of Seyrun
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Anime Episodes 07-08
Involved Persons
Victims Elder Theodore
Suspects Harminia (fell to her death)
Casualties and Losses Cordelia Gallo framed for murder (cleared)

Several houses and main entry to Seyrun destroyed by flames

Previous Case Seyrun's Unexpected Visitors
Current Case The Murder of Twenty Years Past
Next Case Demons in the Department Store
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In 1904, in a secluded village known by outsiders as the "Village of the Gray Wolves", a murder occurred at midnight. The leader of the said village, Elder Theodore, is found dead with a dagger piercing his back. In the following days, the only witness to the crime, a girl named Cordelia Gallo, is suspected to be the perpetrator of the crime, and is sentenced to be exiled.

Twenty years have passed, and Cordelia's daughter, Victorica de Blois, aims to clear her name by retracing the steps leading to the crime that has been wrongly concluded twenty years ago.

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