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The Memento Box Mystery
Gosick ep18 05m 37s.jpg
Date Started 1914
Date Ended 1914, same day, nighttime
Location Beelzebub's Skull, Lithuania
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel Volume V
Anime Episodes 16, 17 and 18
Involved Persons
Victims Several train employees
Suspects "The Orphan"
"The Scarecrow"
"The Knight"
"The Woodcutter"
Casualties and Losses Flooding of the Beelzebub's Skull
Train heading to the Old Masquerade indefinitely delayed
Previous Case Bloodstains in the Festival
Current Case The Memento Box Mystery
Next Case Demise of Saubrème's Blue Rose
Case Overview Index

Brian Roscoe returns to the Beelzebub's Skull after his last visit ten years ago. On his return, he seeks a certain item called the Memento Box, an object he acquired from a "nameless village". However, the man who was rumored to have taken the object, a man named Jupiter Roget, is nowhere to be found, and he finds himself alongside traveling companion Cordelia Gallo in a race to find the "Memento Box".

Cordelia then decides to entrust the fate of the Memento Box to her daughter Victorique de Blois and a boy named Kazuya Kujo, hoping that the discovery of the Memento Box would be able to shield her from the biggest hardships she would face.