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 Sophie is the housemistress of Saint Marguerite Academy's male dormitory. She becomes close to Kazuya Kujo after putting him in an unfortunate circumstance, and has been seen offering him hearty meals in the dormitory.


Kazuya's Unfortunate Spring

After being invited to a dance party, Sophie inevitably forgets to buy the ingredients she needs for tomorrow's menu, so she requests the newly-enrolled Kazuya Kujo to run an errand for her. To her shock, however, Kazuya would later be found accused of the murder of a government official. Eventually, Kazuya would be cleared of all charges with the help of Victorique de Blois.

Although not clearly proven, it is implied that Sophie has started to serve bigger meals to Kazuya ever since his innocence to the crime.

The African Folk Song

Sophie is later discovered to be living in the town for a long time to be able to know a folk song passed down from African immigrants in the late 19th century. Kazuya and Avril Bradley were able to get the lyrics of the song, which Victorique uses to link the case involving the alchemist Leviathan to the gold rush to Africa several killings of Africans during the 19th century.

Winter in the Phantom Theater

On winter of 1924, she invites Kazuya to the play in Saubrème entitled The Blue Rose of Saubrème and takes him by motorcycle there. Initially, Sophie was not able to buy tickets due to the sheer amount of people wanting to watch the play, but she manages to get one for free due to an accident with King Rupert de Gilet himself.