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 Sergius (セルジウス, Serjiusu) is the current village elder of the Village of the Gray Wolves. He ushers the arrival of visitors from the outside into his village, and later cooperates to solve the case that involved Cordelia Gallo and the previous village elder Theodore.


Sergius has worked with Elder Theodore for a long time and might have belonged among Theodore's advisers; because of his duties, he usually stays at the residence of the village elder.

One night in 1904, at exactly midnight, Sergius heard a scream from Elder Theodore's personal quarters. He rushed to check what happened, and he saw a motionless Theodore with a knife sticking out of his back. A maid named Cordelia Gallo, the only witness to the incident, became ill for a few days, and Sergius was forced to make a decision. With the evidence seemingly pointing to a single person as the culprit to the crime, Cordelia was sentenced to be banished outside the village.

He later replaces the murdered village elder, and twenty years later, would open an invitation to guests to visit the incoming Summer Solstice Festival in their village.