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Saillune's Unexpected Visitors
Gosick ep07 00m 38s.jpg
Date Started 1924, the day before Summer Solstice
Date Ended 1924, same day, nighttime
Location Kingdom of Saillune
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel Volume II
Anime Episodes 07 and 08
Involved Persons
Victims Alan
Suspects Derek Banks (executed at Saillune)
Casualties and Losses Slight interruptions in the Summer Solstice Festival
Previous Case The Dresden Plate's Disappearance
Current Case Saillune's Unexpected Visitors
Next Case The Murder of Twenty Years Past
Case Overview Index

The case involving the Saillune's Unexpected Visitors is the eighth case in the Gosick anime series.

A mysterious village known only as "The Village of the Gray Wolves" opens its doors to outsiders after many years of seclusion, allowing visitors to witness their culture and interact with the inhabitants. While some are vying for whatever treasure they can find inside the village, there are two persons who travel there on a more personal quest: to solve the case that has changed the life of a woman named Cordelia Gallo.

On their search for the clues that can be linked to the banished Gray Wolf, they stumble upon a case that happens in the middle of the village's Summer Solstice Festival, risking an interruption of the festivities upon the discovery of bloodshed inside the village.


In order to find out the truth behind the incident that banished Cordelia Gallo from her hometown, Victorique de Blois and Kazuya Kujo travel by train to the town of Horovitz, where they stayed for a night before traveling by carriage to a remote part of the Alpine region.

Along with them in the trip are Mildred Arbogast, a nun who was proven guilty of stealing an expensive plate, and three Fine Arts students named Alan, Raoul and Derek.

They would later reach the Village of the Gray Wolves, where they would stay for a whole day while watching the village's Summer Solstice Festival.


The Summer Solstice Festival

A yearly event that marks the official end of the winter season and the start of Spring, the festival is a traditional celebration of the triumph of the forces of Spring against the forces of Winter, which brought the cold season in the previous months. The festivities include a dramatization of the symbolic battle between the forces of Spring and Winter, which ends with the leader of Winter being burned to a funeral pyre, and the preparation of springtime delicacies of the people.

Persons Involved