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 Ruri Kujo (久城瑠璃, Kujō Ruri) is the elder sister of Kazuya Kujo and the only girl among the four Kujo siblings.

She acts as Kazuya's link between his home in Japan and Sauville, where she often sends letters to.


Ruri is a girl with long black hair and dark brown pupils. Her hair forms a neat row of fringes across her forehead and she prefers her hair unarranged. Like most Japanese people of her time, she is usually seen wearing a kimono.


Ruri acts as Kazuya's guardian when he is scolded by his father. According to her, she shudders at the thought of Kazuya becoming either one of her elder brothers or her father, and wishes that he was able to play games with her, even to the point of hoping that Kazuya was born female.


Like Kazuya, she grew in fear of her father and elder brothers, but mostly because of their slovenly behavior. On the contrary, she is kind and protective to Kazuya.

Kazuya's departure to Sauville has left Ruri heartbroken at first, as she was no longer able to share moments with him, but Kazuya's immediate replies to her letters managed to relieve her. Ever since, Ruri regularly sends letters to Kazuya, adding to the pile of messages he receives from the Kujo family.


Kazuya's Journey to Saubreme

One of Ruri's letters arrived to Kazuya, which includes list of things Ruri wants Kazuya to buy for her. Among the items in that shopping list was a glass replica of the Blue Rose, the missing prized gem of Sauville. Shopping for the items she asked for was what led Kazuya to find the genuine Blue Rose being auctioned in a department store in Saubreme.

Memories of Summer

Kazuya remembers Ruri on one of the many afternoons of the summer vacation on Saint Marguerite Academy. He clearly recalls Ruri as one of those who support him, aside from his mother.

He also recalls that Ruri and his elder brother Yutaka appears to have come to the conclusion that Victorique is a little girl, much to Victorique's embarrassment.


  • "Don't become like Father or our brothers. They're hairy, make a needless mess at meals, have diamond-shaped faces... I shudder at the thought of Kazuya-san becoming like that!" — to Kazuya, Episode 12