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 Nicole Leroux (ニコル・ルル, Nikoru Rurū) was a professional performer in Saubrème, famous for being a look-alike of Queen Coco Rose of Sauville. This earned her the nickname "Downtown Blue Rose". After a successful career in performing on stage, she suddenly disappeared, and the only sign of her fate after her vanishing is a tombstone bearing her name.


As previously stated, she bears a striking resemblance to the queen of Sauville, Coco Rose. She has the same golden-blond hair, eyes and complexion of the queen, and one may have difficulty in distinguishing the queen among the two if they were placed side by side.

What would probably cause Nicole to stand out is her choice of clothing, which is less regal and more like a celebrity, befitting her fame as a stage actress.


Little is known about Nicole's personality, but according to some photographs, she has a more upbeat personality, which might stand out if placed in a more serene environment.


Career and Disappearance

Nicole was famous in the stage, and her fame earned her a place in the Hall of Fame in the Phantom Theater in Saubrème. However, despite her successful career in theater, she suddenly decided to leave the stage behind. It was after her retirement from being a stage actress that sightings of a more lively Coco Rose emerged.

Meanwhile, Nicole suddenly went missing, and news about her became sparse.


The name of Nicole reemerged after a long time when both Victorique and Kazuya discovered the picture of Nicole Leroux inside Phantom Theater and she was mistaken for Queen Coco Rose.