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 Mildred Arbogast (ミルドレッド•アルボガスト Mirudoreddo Arubogasto) is a thief who encounters Kazuya Kujō and Avril Bradley in a market in Sauville. With the help of Victorique de Blois, she was immediately captured by the authorities, but later accompanies Victorique and Kazuya under Inspector Grevil de Blois's orders.


Mildred is a young woman with gray pupils and brown hair which forms a large ball of wiry curls on her head; on each side of her face is a lock of hair tightly curled in place. She also has some freckles dotting her cheeks.

She first appears dressed in nun's clothes when she assumes the role of a nun who acquires money from selling donated goods. She later abandons her disguise and changes to a yellow sleeveless dress with a low neckline, which exposes much of her breasts.


Contrary to her initial disguise, Mildred is an outgoing woman with a choice of clothes less conservative than women of her time. She is also an alcoholic, usually seen consuming alcoholic beverages even when she is supposed to play as a nun (which Kazuya later determines).

Mildred can also be playful to people whom she is comfortable talking with, which Grevil personally experiences much to his embarrassment.


Dresden Plate Disappearance

Mildred poses as a nun, with the Dresden Plate (right) on display.

Mildred serves as an attendant on a small shop in the street market near Saint Marguerite Academy. She takes the interest of Kazuya and Avril, who were browsing for interesting things in the market, and Avril becomes interested in the Dresden Plate. Avril is then allowed by Mildred to hold on to a music box, which unexpectedly explodes in a cloud of smoke and the flutter of pigeons. Everyone, including Kazuya and Avril, are startled by the sudden explosion, and the next thing that happened is that the Dresden Plate disappears.

Kazuya later tells Victorique what happened in the market and she concludes that the same nun who appears to be innocent, is actually the culprit. Grevil later apprehends her.

Journey to the Kingdom of Seyrun

Mildred reappears on a train headed for the town of Horovitz and meets Victorique and Kazuya by request. According to her, she "grew up (in Horovitz)" and is planning to travel to her home. She later joins Victorique and Kazuya on their trip to the Village of the Gray Wolves.

Within their stay in the village, Mildred finally exposes her identity, that she is not really a nun, and she is in fact set free in exchange for working for Grevil.

After escaping from the burning bridge that links the Village of the Gray Wolves to the outside world, she joins Grevil, Victorique, Kazuya and Ambrose on the train ride back to Saint Marguerite Academy, with Mildred going to parts unknown.


  • She is 174 cm (5 ft 8.5 in) and 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) with heels.