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Episode 24
Looking at Eternity Over the Reaper's Shoulder

Kazuya Kujo and Victorique de Blois go their separate ways as they survive the war that tears apart both Sauville and Japan. In spite of the distances between them, the two still believe that they would still be together.

The biggest challenge to Kazuya and Victorique has come. Only time will tell if their promise to each other would be fulfilled.

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Gosick ep13 20m 25s
Queen Coco Rose of Sauville is the last known reigning queen in the Kingdom of Sauville.

Known for her interest in the occult, she has been involved in a few supernatural stories of her own, including her possession of Leviathan's Philosopher's Stone.

Although what exactly happened to her in the present has not been revealed, the case that involves her has been considered to be "The Greatest Unsolved Mystery" of Sauville.

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