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The FINAL EPISODE of the anime series approaches.

Countdown: Final Episode, Looking at Eternity Over the Reaper's Shoulder
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Episode 23
Announcing Checkmate at a Dyed-Gray Chess Game
War changes the colors of Sauville. As Kazuya and Victorique are separated, darker days approach the kingdom. The two could only hang on to their respective memories as the scenes unfold.

Meanwhile, the Monstre Charmant movement, led by none other than Marquis Albert de Blois, pushes on to join an inevitable war in Europe.

The next episode shall be the last episode.


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Queen Coco Rose of Sauville is the last known reigning queen in the Kingdom of Sauville.

Known for her interest in the occult, she has been involved in a few supernatural stories of her own, including her possession of Leviathan's Philosopher's Stone.

Although what exactly happened to her in the present has not been revealed, the case that involves her has been considered to be "The Greatest Unsolved Mystery" of Sauville.

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