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This is the unofficial Wikia site for the Gosick anime project. The Wiki includes information regarding the light novels, the manga adaptation, the audio drama, and the anime adaptation by BONES.

The next episode of GOSICK to be released will be a special entitled
"The GOSICK Special that Comes in Spring: the Beautiful Monster Sees Through the Chaos". The special episode is slated to be released on March 19, and is delayed until further updates are announced.


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Episode 10: The Girl With a Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend

Despite her condition, Victorica helps out Kazuya, who also manages to sort out the case with some of his own knowledge. Kazuya then gathers the authorities to raid Jeantan Department Store, with aims to expose the truth behind the demons lurking inside the establishment. More...

Sauville Chronicle

Issue 2: First Days in Sauville
Issue 1: Gosick? What is it?

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