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[[User_blog:Herald_of_meridian/Sauville_Chronicle:_Issue_01,_Gosick?_What_is_it?|Issue 1]]: Gosick? What is it?
[[User_blog:Herald_of_meridian/Sauville_Chronicle:_Issue_01,_Gosick?_What_is_it?|Issue 1]]: Gosick? What is it?
[[Video:【GOSICK-ゴシック-】『Resuscitated Hope』【ED】|thumb|300px|right|GOSICK - ED - Resuscitated Hope]]

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This is the unofficial Wikia site for the Gosick anime project. The Wiki will include information regarding the light novels, the manga adaptation, the audio drama, and the anime adaptation by BONES.


Episode Update

Episode 5: There is a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Warehouse

The case of the decapitated man has far been solved, but some things leave questions in Kazuya's mind. He then finds out that answering them would uncover more truths that what he expects. More...

Sauville Chronicle

Issue 2: First Days in Sauville
Issue 1: Gosick? What is it?

thumb|300px|right|GOSICK - ED - Resuscitated Hope


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