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Somber Recollection

A look back on Gosick's original illustrator

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Gosick RED

Follow the adventures of Victorique and Kazuya once more with this new series!

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Missed the GOSICK anime series? Or just started with the adventure of Kazuya and Victorique? The Gosick Wiki has articles for each of the 24 episodes of the series, with easy navigation for revisiting details or simply breezing through the series in text form.
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Victorique de Blois is an eccentric student of Saint Marguerite Academy who is famous in the school as the "Golden Fairy of the Library". She possesses an advanced level of intellect which she inherited from her mother, who is rumored to have come from a village with supernatural powers. Because of this, she is separated from the outside world, prohibited from leaving Saint Marguerite Academy.

After years of isolation in the school's library tower, she meets Kazuya Kujō in a chance encounter and the two, alongside Inspector Grevil de Blois of Sauville Police, solve various cases, ranging from murders to urban legends. Victorique's adventures later made her develop feelings for Kazuya, which is continuously challenged by events that threatens their relationship.

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