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Luigi cleaned

 Luigi (ルイジ Ruiji) is an orphan living in the streets of Saubreme. Within the past year, he becomes the sole witness to various disappearances of young girls throughout the vicinity of Jeantan Department Store, and eventually becomes an instrument to the resolution of the case where the said establishment is involved.


Luigi is a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Due to his initial status as a street beggar, his straight hair becomes wavy and dull-colored. He is dressed similarly to a typical child of his age, but the clothes he wears are rags and are torn in some places.


To earn a few coins to buy food for himself, Luigi usually uses his ability in various ways, including guessing how much money a person drops and placing bets on it with that person. He also later reveals that he does not like the police, mainly because they did not believe the reports he submitted about disappearing women and children.



  • He is 143 cm (4 foot 7).