Lord Bradley is a British Adventurer of some renown, and grandfather to Avril Bradley. He was said to have disappeared during one of his adventures.


Lord Bradley is a hidden character and not much is known about his appearance as he is never actually seen during the anime or manga, but only referenced to.


From his adventures across the globe and the connection displayed through his letter to his granddaughter, Avril, Lord Bradley is known to be an emotionally powerful man, driven to do what he loves most. He always proceeds forward in search of a new adventure without forgetting his loved ones, and this personality rubbed off onto Avril Bradley as a child growing up giving her the dreams to follow in his footsteps proudly.


Lord Bradley is a hidden character and is not much is known about him throughout both the anime and the manga. In both Episode 4 of the anime and Chapter 2 of the manga, Lord Bradley was said to have travel the world as a great adventurer; through the deep jungles of Africa, over the vast Atlantic Ocean, etcetera. During one of his many journeys, he was stated to have disappeared; never to be found.


Farewell, Grandfather


A younger Avril Bradley waving goodbye to her grandfather, Lord Bradley; departing on an adventure.

The relationship between Lord Bradley and granddaughter Avril Bradley is revealed upon Avril's transfer to Saint Marguerite Academy, during a conversation with formed friendship between the fake Avril Bradley and Kazuya Kujo. Lord Bradley was known greatly for his adventurers and rare collectables along the way, being recorded in the papers for his spectacular journeys. In doing so, he left his granddaughters side when she was young, only to later to send her one of his priceless possessions; the world's first postage stamp used in a public postal system: Penny Black.

A Letter Delivered


Lord Bradley's granddaughter, Avril, reading his letter to her.

After the case involving Kuiaran the Second's attempt to steal the Penny Black stamp, Lord Bradley's stamp was returned to its envelope and delivered safely to Avril, bearing his encouraging words of guidance so she too can one day become an adventurer. With a sudden overwhelmed emotion, Avril Bradley thanks Kazuya Kujo and asked him to be her friend.

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