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Looking for the Poison Flower
Date Started Spring of 1924, after Kuiaran the Second's detention
Date Ended Same day
Location Saint Marguerite Academy
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel GosickS Volume I
Manga Chapter 05
Involved Persons
Suspects Maxim (as Kuiaran)
Casualties and Losses none
Previous Case The Phantom Thief Strikes Again
Current Case Looking for the Poison Flower
Next Case The Dresden Plate's Disappearance
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After the arrest of the descendant of the infamous thief Kuiaran, Sauville's police initiated a search for the retrieval of the precious items stolen by the professional thief over his entire career.

Kazuya Kujo eventually finds himself helping out with the case because of his friend Avril Bradley's interest in the ghost story related to the said case, and they would stumble upon a necklace that is rumored to possess to kill any person who wears it: the "Poison Flower".