Letters from the Underworld
Gosick ep11 11m 06s
Date Started Several years before 1924
Date Ended A few days later
Location Sauville
Result Resolved (several years before start of the series)
Revisited (in 1924)
Media Duration
Anime Gosick Episode 11
Involved Persons
Victims Unnamed veterinarian
Suspects Paula, veterinarian's wife
Previous Case Demons in the Department Store
Current Case Letters from the Underworld
Next Case Undying Alchemist Leviathan
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Letters from the Underworld is the eleventh case featured in the Gosick anime series.

A case solved by Victorique de Blois several years ago, it is a story of an unexpected death, the subsequent frame-up, and the ultimate sacrifice of a man in love. Jacqueline, a young girl who becomes Grevil de Blois's childhood friend (and crush), becomes a suspect in the murder of a veterinarian, and Grevil asks the help of Victorique, at that time still the girl caged inside the Blois mansion.

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