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 Lee (リィ Rii) is an Arab woman who was dragged into the "Running of the Hares" in 1914. She survived with the help of Julie Guile, and soon takes up a job in Roxane's estate, where she orchestrated the murder of the elderly fortune-teller.

Appearance and Personality

Lee possesses the common physical traits of a person born in the Middle East: black hair, slightly dark complexion and dark-colored pupils. In her childhood, she wears long skirts fit from someone of her age at that time, and probably adopts a similar choice of clothing as she becomes older. As an adult, however, she covers her wardrobe in a dark-colored abaya.

During the "Running of the Hares", she was one of the few children who opted to not resort to violence in spite of the bloodshed around her. She also seen as a quiet girl who rarely spoke, until she formed a bond of friendship with Julie Guile.


  • She has a kind heart and makes friends with Julie
  • Appears to be in her early 20s
  • Was described as "a beautiful lady" by Inspector Grevil
  • She is 158 cm (5 foot 2) and 163 cm (5 foot 3) with shoes.