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The Kingdom of Sauville (Japanese: ソヴゥール王国, Sovuuru Oukoku, French: Le Royaume de Saubure) is a country located in Europe. It is a country surrounded by three countries: France to the west, Switzerland to the north, and Italy to the east.

The official language in this kingdom is French.


Sauville takes up a portion of the Alpine region. The capital city is Saubreme.

Other noted territories are Horovitz, located on the northeastern region of Sauville, and an unnamed town where Saint Marguerite Academy is located. Near Horovitz is a secluded village popularly known as the "Village of the Gray Wolves".


Late 19th Century

With the Gold Rush Era quickly spreading in Europe, Sauville decides to join the quest to look for gold. The kingdom was successful in obtaining large quantities of gold, and ordered several African men to bring the gold to Sauville. However, the king decides to silence the porters of gold to keep its location a secret, and orders the murder of the African men.

The reigning king soon perished, carrying along with him the secret of the treasures of Sauville, and after a new king, named Rupert de Gilet has been crowned, the kingdom turned its focus to a man named Leviathan, who claims to be an alchemist who can create gold for the kingdom's treasury.

Early 1900s

Warnings from a fortune-teller named Roxane has spread, involving the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and spark of a catastrophic event that would follow. Although the prediciton is supernatural in nature, various figures from the governments of different countries, including Sauville, organized an experiment that would determine the outcome of the First World War.

Called the "Running of the Hares", the experiment involves taking children from each major country in Europe and the Ottoman Empire and places them in a ship called the "Queen Berry". Within the next few days, the organizers await for their country's representatives as the children are forced to kill each other to survive.

Sauville, France, Britain and Italy belong to the surviving countries at the end of the experiment, and these countries later become part of the Allied Powers at the start of the First World War.

Japan is also confirmed to be allies to Sauville as demonstrated by the former's capability to bring migrants to Sauville, which includes Kazuya Kujo.

World War I

Sauville was attacked by enemy forces and the capital Saubrème was looted. In the extent of the war, Sauville lost various works of art and Sauville's national treasure, the Blue Rose, has been lost in the war as well. It is later recovered several years after by the police in the hands of Garnier, who plans on auctioning the Blue Rose alongside other treasures and valuable pieces of art through the black market.