Gosick Original Soundtrack Second Season
Gosick Original Soundtrack Second Season cover
Kotaro Nakagawa and Lisa Komine
Date of Release June 29, 2011
Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Produced by Kotaro Nakagawa

Gosick Original Soundtrack Second Season is the second of two soundtrack albums containing the background music from the anime adaptation of the Gosick light novel series.


  1. Offering the Souls of the Departed to the Tears of the Holy Spirit (聖霊の涙へ捧ぐ鎮魂)
  2. Chaos Put into Words (言語化されし混沌)
  3. The Turning Point of Evil's Roots (悪因の枢軸)
  4. Body Clad in Anxiety (憂慮に纏われし身躯)
  5. The Hero is the Reaper (英雄は死神)
  6. The Magician is a Red-headed Wolf (奇術師は赤毛の狼)
  7. Souvenir on the Roadside (街路に列する土産物)
  8. The Rainbow's Light Shows the Way (虹が示す処へのあかり)
  9. Pomegranate-Colored Alchemy (石榴色の錬金術)
  10. "Song of Africans" in Privation Suffering (艱苦に忍ぶ"アフリカ人の歌")
  11. Challenge Written from Memory (回想録からの挑戦状)
  12. Orally Traditional "Song of Africans" (口承されし"アフリカ人の歌")
  13. A Banquet Hides in the Festival (祭典に隠されし宴)
  14. Those who Wait for What Lies Ahead (終結の先に待つもの)
  15. A Letter from Teary Eyes is Brought by a Carrier Pigeon (涙目の書簡が伝書する事)
  16. Clues from Previous Thoughts (思案の先にある暗示)
  17. The Devil's Scheme (魔神の悪計)
  18. La Vie en Rose (薔薇色の人生)
  19. Misfortune Smeared with Immorality (不徳に塗れし数奇)
  20. A Rose Blooms in the Phantom (ファントムに咲く薔薇)
  21. Chaos that Engulfs the Monstre Charmant ("美しき怪物"を呑む混沌)
  22. Christmas Eve in a Special Foreign Country (逸興なる異国の聖夜)
  23. Gentle Memories of Kind Affection (切なき思慕の優しい思い出)
  24. Short-lived Nativity Feast (束の間の生誕祭)
  25. Bridging the Gap (隔たりの連結)
  26. The Foreseen Tempest (先見されし嵐)
  27. Kindness of the Unseen Virgin Mary (見えぬ聖母の慈愛)
  28. A Little Mother's Great Pupil (小さな母の大いなる生)
  29. Bonds that Tie Eternity Together (永遠に繋がれし絆)
  30. Unity (TV Version)


  • Tracks 1-29: composed and arranged by Kotaro Nakagawa
    • Tracks 10 and 12: lyrics by Kazuki Sakurada
    • Track 18: lyrics by Kazuki Sakurada, performed by Noria and Mami Yanagi
  • Track 30: performed by Lisa Komine


"Song of Africans"



La Vie en Rose




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