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Publisher's Summary

Front Cover Summary

When the world undergoes great changes, the girl of the Fountain of Wisdom and the snub-nosed boy exchange gifts with a promise. Two lights are divided into West and East, they face their own destiny.

Inner Cover Summary

Victorique was taken to a prison named "The Black Sun", and during her imprisonment, her mother Cordelia Gallo launches a plan to substitute herself for Victorique in order for her daughter to escape. Victorique would later travel together with Brian Roscoe beyond the vast seas. Meanwhile, Kazuya, after being conscripted as a soldier, shows his determination to survive in the harsh battlefield for Victorique's sake. However, this determination would be tested as he faces an enemy raid...

A great loss and a big change shall befall Avril, Cecile, Grevil and the old world. What lies beyond for them? And will the day Kazuya and Victorique would reunite come?