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Light Novel Summary

In order to reconstruct the fragments of chaos, Victorique speaks. And in her truthful words lie...

A newspaper advertisement discovered by accident. Beneath those words is a hidden message, which is aimed directly at Victorique's mother, accompanied by a warning. In order to approach the mystery involving her missing mother, Victorique along with her companion Kazuya goes on a journey.

Amidst these scattered fragments of chaos, Victorique's fountain of wisdom is challenged!

Novel Summary

Atop Saint Marguerite Academy's library tower, the imprisoned golden-haired princess, Victorique, demands for chaos. Fragments of chaos from all over the world was the cure to her natural illness of boredom. And her "fountain of wisdom" is her tool in reconstructing them. The Japanese exchange student Kazuya Kujo slowly brings himself into deciding to protect the fickle princess, and begins to stay by her side more often. Whatever happens.

"Calling the 'descendants of the Gray Wolves'. The Midsummer Festival approaches. We welcome those with Gray Wolf blood in their veins..." A mysterious message is published in the advertisements of the newspaper. And as if struck by a burning fever, Victorique quickly storms out of the academy as soon as she saw the advertisement.

She and Kazuya soon arrive at a small village within the mountains. Within is an unforgettable place connected to Victorique. Then, as the summertime festival nears, the mysterious village is stirred by a string of unexpected murders. And an impossible murder case emerges from the past. Dragged into these two mysteries, Victorique and Kazuya assemble the fragments of chaos, closing into the real truth.

What is the truth that lies beyond the blood-stained festival bonfires?

Chapter List

  • Prologue: I Am Not A Criminal
  • Chapter 1: Victorique de Blois is a Grey Wolf
  • Monologue One
  • Chapter 2: The Squirrel in the Hatbox
  • Monologue Two
  • Chapter 3: Cordelia’s Daughter
  • Monologue Three
  • Chapter 4: Red Turnip Lanterns and the Winter Man
  • Monologue Four
  • Chapter 5: A Secret Sleeps in the Forest
  • Monologue Five
  • Chapter 6: The Golden Butterfly
  • Epilogue: Friends
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