10.5 美しき怪物は混沌の先を視みる
SPECIAL: The Beautiful Monster Sees Through the Chaos
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Part 1: Recollection

Kazuya looks for Victorique to ask her to decipher a mysterious letter he received. The note says: "Try to predict your future. - from Production Staff"

Victorique suggests that to predict future, one must first remembers the past...

Victorique soon recalls on different events that occured in the past, including the sinking of the Queen Berry, Kuiaran's infiltration of Saint Marguerite, and the trip to Seyrun.

Part 2: Looking into The Future

The second part is a voice actor forum with Kujo's seiyuu Takuya Eguchi as host joined by Aoi Yuuki (Victorique), Noriko Shitaya (Avril), and Yui Kano (Cecile). It's pretty much a short forum about the series and VAs themselves that you usually find in the DVD/BD extras.

Next is a interview with the author Kazuki Sakuraba conducted by Aoi Yuuki. They talked about her view on the main characters, their relations, etc. The author also mentions that there will be one more storm that will bring the series its happy conclusion and that she expects both the anime and novel to have the similar ending.

During the interview the bottom of screen reveals messages that three more volumes will be released to complete Gosick. (The most recent Gosick novel was released on April 2007, and there has been no more releases after Sakuraba won Naoki Prize in 2008 and stated that she will stop all her ACG related works). Gosick VII was released on March 25, GosickS IV is on May 25, and Gosick VIII is slotted this summer which will conclude the series.

Next up are promos, with the first volume of DVD/BD released on April 22 with 2 episodes (12 discs totaling 24 episodes) with 3 versions, BD (9,240 yen), DVD limited (8,190 yen) and DVD regular (6,090 yen). Both BD version and limited editions will include a special extra disc featuring the VA talk show from December 27 during the series premiere.

And for those who purchase both BD and DVD, there is also a special extra feature box which will include a special original short story by Sakuraba, and original illustration and arts from Hinata Takeda (series illustrator).

The last part is a short message by Yoshiki*Lisa, the singer for the opening theme, promoting the single.

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