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GosickS is the sidestory volume of the Gosick light novel series. The first volume of GosickS, entitled The Grim Reaper that Arrives in Spring (春来る死神, Haru-Kitaru Shinigami), talks about the events before the first volume, from Victorique's admission to Saint Marguerite Academy in the year 1922, to the mystery that brought Kazuya Kujo and Victorique de Blois together for the first time.

Publisher's Summary

Spring of 1924. Kazuya Kujo, who traveled from his Oriental homeland to the kingdom of Sauville to study, finds himself being called by the class as a "god of death"... "a visitor who comes at Spring, bringing death". Because of this, he spends most of his school days in solitude.

Amidst this, a murder case related to that ghost story suddenly emerges!

And the person who saves Kazuya from becoming a suspect in that case is a mysterious book-loving girl who resides at the top of the school's library tower, Victorique.

The fateful meeting of these two characters comes to life in this short-story collection of the beginnings of Gosick.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Traveler who Comes in Spring Brings Death to the School
  • Chapter 2: An Ill Fate Befalls Those Who Tread the Thirteenth Step
  • Chapter 3: The Ghost of Millie Marl Haunts the Abandoned Warehouse
  • Chapter 4: A Golden Fairy Inhabits the Top of the Library
  • Chapter 5: The Headless Lady Comes at Three in the Morning
  • Prelude: The Reaper Discovers the Golden Flower