Blue Rose

The Blue Rose (青薔薇, Aoi Bara) pertains to either:

Farting Newt

"Farting Newt" (屁こきいもり, Hekoki Imori) is the nickname Victorique de Blois gives to Avril Bradley. It probably refers to the girl's noisy behavior.

Fragments of Chaos

Whenever Victorique solves a case, she would often use the term "fragments of chaos" (混沌の欠片, Kaosu no kakera). This term is her own way to pertain to clues she and/or someone else (e.g. Kazuya Kujo) has collected.

Gray Wolf

"Gray Wolves" are inhabitants of the Kingdom of Saillune. They are so-called because of the wolves that inhabit the forested area around Saillune, and are often used as a derrogatory remark to those who live in Saillune.


The term "hare" (野兎, No'usagi) is used to call the eleven participants for the "Running of the Hares". Ned Baxter, Lee, and Julie Guile have been called "hares".

Monstre Charmant

French for beautiful monster. Victorique de Blois has been called as a "monstre charmant" in a number of times, and the biggest reference to her as the monstre charmant is in the "fairy tale" of the same title.


Phantasmagoria (French: Fantasmagorie) refers to two separate events:

Both events involve magic tricks, with the latter being a gathering of magicians from all across Europe.

Queen Berry

Queen Berry (クイーンベリー, Kuīnberī) is a luxury cruise ship that becomes the setting for the "Running of the Hares" in 1914. It sank at its maiden voyage, and a replica has been made ten years later.

Running of the Hares

The "Running of the Hares" (野兎走り, No'usagi-Hashiri) is an event organized by several country leaders and the fortune-teller Roxane to determine the alliances in the incoming First World War.

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