16th Century

17th Century


  • An African boy escapes from a mass murder in Sauville; this boy would eventually become the infamous alchemist Leviathan.



  • Leviathan becomes one of King Rupert de Gilet's advisers.



Between 1904 and 1910

  • Cordelia becomes a dancer and joins Ginger Pie in several performances in the Rose-Colored Life.



  • Before July - Roxane predicts a war that would endanger Sauville and later orders the organization of the "Running of the Hares" event with several country leaders.
  • Spring 1914 - Coco Rose is found dead inside her chamber in the Sauville Royal Palace.
  • July 1914 - The First World War erupts.
  • After July
    • Brian Roscoe visits the Village of the Gray Wolves to fund the installation of electricity in the area.
    • Brian Roscoe cooperates with the Science Academy to construct a contraption that can project images using light.
    • Lithuania's Beelzebub's Skull is attacked by a squadron of German bomber planes. The squadron was destroyed after sightings of a gigantic image of the Blessed Virgin Mary nearby.


  • Maxim visits Saint Marguerite Academy. He was never seen since.
  • Millie Marl dies after struggling with a terminal illness.


  • Winter: Marquis Albert de Blois brings Victorique de Blois to Saint Marguerite Academy. Victorique is given personally to Cecile Lafitte to act as her guardian.


  • Reports of disappearances of women and children are received by the Sauville Police Department in Saubrème.



  • Kazuya Kujo comes to class in Saint Marguerite Academy for the first time.
  • A replica of the luxury liner Queen Berry sinks in the Mediterrenean
  • Summer Solstice - The drawbridge that connects the Village of the Gray Wolves to Horovitz is destroyed.


  • Saint Marguerite Academy goes on summer vacation.


  • A hidden storage room filled with gold ingots are discovered in Saint Marguerite's clock tower; the owner of the said storage room is confirmed to be Leviathan.
  • Engineers order the demolition of the clock tower located in Saint Marguerite Academy due to structural issues.
  • Victorique is taken to Lithuania under the orders of Marquis Albert de Blois.
  • The Phantasmagoria Festival begins in the Beelzebub's Skull. The festival ended in the catastrophic flooding of the venue due to the sabotage of the floodgate that protect the area.


  • The theatrical play "The Blue Rose of Saubrème" debuts in the Phantom Theater in Saubrème.
  • Soldiers are deployed in selected areas in Saubrème.
  • December 26
    • The royal decree that orders non-Sauvillean citizens to be repatriated is implemented. Several students from Saint Marguerite Academy are among those affected.
    • A political rally that involves the "Monstre Charmant" erupts in Saubrème. Several demonstrators are arrested.



  • Kazuya Kujo and numerous other Japanese adolescents are conscripted into the Imperial Army.
  • Marquis Albert de Blois is appointed as Sauville's first-ever prime minister.
  • An assassination attempt targeted to Albert de Blois occurred in the appointment ceremony; the Marquis is murdered, but minions from the Ministry of the Occult manage to kill the perpetrators.
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