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Demons in the Department Store
Date Started 1924
Date Ended same year, a few days later
Location Jeantan Department Store, Saubreme, Sauville
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel Volume III
Anime Episodes 09 and 10
Involved Persons
Victims Several women and children
Suspects Garnier
Garnier's Secretary (accomplice)
Previous Case The Murder of Twenty Years Past
Current Case Demons in the Department Store
Next Case Letters from the Underworld
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The capital city of Sauville, Saubreme, becomes the setting for one of the many urban legends surrounding the country. According to this tale, there is a department store in the said city that lures young women and apparently devours them. Avril Bradley caught wind of this urban tale and told it to Kazuya, who coincidentally plans on visiting the capital to buy items for her sister in Japan.

He soon sets foot on Jeantan Department Store, an old shopping center in Saubreme, where he will find himself tangled upon a crime that has been elusive to the authorities ever since.