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Demise of Saubrème's Blue Rose
Gosick ep21 14m 41s.jpg
Date Started 1900
Date Ended Christmas Eve, 1924
Location Saubrème
Result Resolved
Media Duration
Light Novel Volume VII
Anime Episode 20
Involved Persons
Victims Queen Coco Rose's maid
Nicole Leroux
Suspects King Rupert de Gilet
Previous Case The Memento Box Mystery
Current Case Demise of Saubrème's Blue Rose
Next Case n/a
Case Overview Index

Coco was the queen of Saubville, alongside King Rupert. She had her personal maid with her as she began to live in the palace. Then a mysterious man came, calling himself Leviathan the Alchemist, promising her long life and beauty. The queen soon was pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Then she was murdered, hidden from the public until Victorique stepped in. But that was a lie. Her maid dressed up as her to protect her master, and the king came in and sliced her head off, knowing that the baby was actually Leviathan's due to the fact that the baby was dark skinned. Leviathan was long dead after being shot with arrows and hiding himself in the hidden room of the clocktower. She escaped with her son, who became normal farmers outside of Saubreme.

While she escaped, the king needed a look alike so his reputation wouldn't fall. So a job interview was set in the town for women with blonde hair, leading up to the case with Nicole Lulu. She became the queen, and Nicole Lulu became dead. As the new queen, she was sent to a country house, and then suddenly summoned to the main house, where she was found beheaded under a table. The head was no where to be found.

Meanwhile, the "queen's"/maid's head was found in the other house, only to explode in flames, hiding the fact that it was rotting behind preservatives.

Marquis de Blois learned from Victorique of this event and used this secret against the king so that he may have power over the ruler. But of course his plan failed due to Cordelia's passion for her daughter.