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 Coco Rose is the former reigning queen of Sauville from the year 1897 to 1914. She is the main focus in the biggest unsolved case in Sauville, one which Victorique de Blois would attempt to solve.


Her pet name is "the Blue Rose", and signed photographs of herself are famous with girls throughout France. In her journey from France to Sauville, she is accompanied by her personal maid, whom she is very close to. She initially resided in the royal palace with her husband Rupert de Gilet, due to not being able to conceive a child for the king, she was transferred to a lavish country house.

Rumors that circulate in Sauville say that Coco Rose obtained a magical stone which makes her invisible by holding it, and she reportedly used this newly-acquired power to go to places outside of the country house where she usually stays.


It is revealed by Victorique that she had an affair with Leviathan the Alchemist (who was an African) for whom she fell in love with. Their child was a mulatto, a mix of Caucasian and African bloodlines, and to prevent the king from killing her and the child when he found out, a switch took place between her and her trusted friend and maid (who looked like her) and escaped with her child.

After the queen's maid's death, the king assigned a lookalike, a former dancer named Nicole Leroux, to act as Coco Rose's replacement. The king would later kill Nicole to keep Nicole's true identity a secret.

Coco Rose and her son.

The king did not know about the maid and the queen switching places but killed the maid thinking that he wanted to preserve their love the way it was before Leviathan came.

Coco and her son survived (their carriage broke down and they hitched a ride home with Victorique and Kazuya Kujo). They look sadly on the academy as the clocktower where the queen and Leviathan used to see each other was taken down.