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 Ambrose (アンブローズ, Anburōsu) is an inhabitant of the Village of the Gray Wolves. He acts as Elder Sergius's assistant, and a temporary guide to the town for Victorique de Blois and the other visitors of the village.


Ambrose is a young man with long blond hair and green eyes. He ties his hair in a ponytail. His outfit consists of a white undershirt, a blue necktie, a brown coat and breeches. Ambrose also wears a cone-shaped hat.


Despite knowing about Victorique's roots as a murderer's daughter, Ambrose still shows a friendly attitude to her and Kazuya throughout their stay in the Village of Gray Wolves. In fact, Kazuya becomes the target of his interest, at one time asking permission from Victorique to touch Kazuya, having never seen anyone outside his village with differing ethnicity and physical characteristics.


While Kazuya Kujo and Victorique stay inside the Village in the Gray Wolves, Ambrose is serves as a guide to Cordelia Gallo's house. Although he himself is interested with someone from the outside like Kazuya, he instantly flees from Cordelia's house and leaves them behind due to an unknown reason.

Ambrose later performs in the Summer Solstice Festival, and he assists the two in their investigation of the deaths of Alan and Raoul, and eventually the murder of Elder Theodore, allowing them to access the scene of the crime while Elder Sergius is unavailable. In the middle of the investigation, he confesses that he is interested to see the world outside the walls of the village, something which was brought up by the arrival of a red-haired man who sparked his interest.

At the final moments of the investigation, Ambrose is the first person to be shocked by the outcome of the case, with all the clues pointing to none other than his lover Harminia. He disobeys Elder Sergius' orders for the first time and frees Harminia, although later, he would be the cause of Harminia's fall to her death while he rescues Kazuya.

With the only bridge between the village and Sauville now in ashes, he pursued his dream of traveling the world outside his home.

Ambrose eventually picks up a job as a helper in a library in Saubrème.